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Jennifer Connelly stars in Louis Vuitton's spring-summer 2017 campaignJennifer Connelly stars in Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer 2017 campaign

Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer 2017 campaign celebrates the spirit of Paris. The advertisements, shot by Bruce Weber, were captured on and around Île Saint-Louis, one of two islands on the river Seine. Brand ambassadors Michelle Williams, Jennifer Connelly and Sasha Lane appear in the campaign, according to WWD. The images also feature models Natalie Westling, Rianne van Rompaey and Mica Arganaraz. Juxtaposed with studio images are still life shots of new season bags as well as sheer gowns with bra details.

“Paris is the soul of this collection, with its Right Bank/Left Bank duality, Paris nourished by all artistic influences. It is to this cultivated, intellectual, original and free-spirited Parisienne that I wanted to pay tribute,” Louis Vuitton artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière says about the campaign.


Michelle Williams stars in Louis Vuitton's spring-summer 2017 campaignMichelle Williams stars in Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer 2017 campaignAn image from Louis Vuitton's spring 2017 advertising campaignAn image from Louis Vuitton’s spring 2017 advertising campaignBruce Weber photographs Louis Vuitton’s spring 2017 campaignBruce Weber photographs Louis Vuitton’s spring 2017 campaignLouis Vuitton features sheer dresses in its spring 2017 campaignLouis Vuitton features sheer dresses in its spring 2017 campaignSasha Lane stars in Louis Vuitton's spring-summer 2017 campaignSasha Lane stars in Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer 2017 campaign

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Louis Vuitton Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in draped dress with cutout on the side

Louis Vuitton Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in draped dress with cutout on the side

On the final day of Paris Fashion Week, Nicolas Ghesquière unveiled an eclectic collection for Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer 2017 runway presentation. The designer opened with a selection of loose-fitting dresses with sashes tied at the side. Then he played off the suit jacket and pants, showcasing sleeveless numbers and oversized shapes. There was also lace in the form of slip dresses and separates with zipper details for some edge. Elsewhere, Ghesquière introduced grunge vibes featuring graphic t-shirts and plaid. The final section went in a more feminine direction including sheer gowns featuring sparkling embellishments. Tying it all together were the shoes and accessories. iPhone cases featured the Louis Vuitton monogram while bags got graphic with checkered prints. Finishing the look were calf-length boots in matte metallics with pointed toes and semi-blocked heels.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in sleeveless suit jacket and mid-length skirt with slit

Louis Vuitton Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in sleeveless suit jacket and mid-length skirt with slit

Louis Vuitton Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in leather jacket, high-waist pants and boots

Louis Vuitton Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in leather jacket, high-waist pants and boots

Louis Vuitton Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in sheer gown with embellishments and shoulder pads

Louis Vuitton Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in sheer gown with sparkling embellishments and shoulder pads

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Photo: Imaxtree

Merging traditional craftsmanship with innovative design is a true feat in fashion — as well as a central tenet of Nicolas Ghesquière's stint at Louis Vuitton thus far. For spring 2017, the designer continued (and perfected) the experimental cuts and high-tech fabrics that he introduced for resort, which was shown in Rio and will be coming to stores next month.

Wednesday's show took place at the still under-construction Louis Vuitton store at the entrance to the Place Vendôme, which is slated for a spring opening. The space's cement floors, walls and black steel central staircase provided the perfect milieu for a stellar outing of ready-to-wear and accessories as models walked along the set that resembled more of a traditional salon-style presentation.

The collection was a seamless blend of experimental cuts coupled with flawless craftsmanship — like a sliced Prince de Galles double-breasted bolero jacket with high shoulders paired with a front-wrap leather skirt; a series of blue, grey and brown bias cut dresses belted at the waist with cutouts and brass embroideries on the sides; and tulle beaded evening dresses with patches both covering and exposing the body. One of the black dresses has a combination of three types of fabrics: leather, satin crepe and light wool. The perfect tailoring of broad-shouldered, tropical wool jackets and wrap skirts demonstrated the house's command of artisanal expertise for the clothes, as well as the new bags and Petite Malle trunk-style phone cases — already a hit on social media.

Yet there is a casualness to the late '80s vibes of the collection (the gold pointed-toe boots and broad shouldered silhouettes, for example) without being obviously sporty — see the blue leather bomber or the printed tank made from sweatshirt material paired with a leather skirt. Even the evening dresses were kept to a bare minimum of light tulle with small patterned beadings and cut fabrics draped on the inside. These less precious (yet still luxurious) looks will likely woo millennial customers.

Not very often is an apparel collection from one of the world's largest luxury brands viewed as having street cred, but this spring, Louis Vuitton upped the ante and provided the requisite dose of avant-garde sensibility that's often lacking from traditional houses.

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RHOC: “Where do people go to shop, or to Nordstrom?”

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Real Housewives is, at its core, a show about small but abject suburban horrors. Although last night’s episode was the kind of quasi-filler that the series serves up every three or four weeks to fill out the season, it was subtly packed with the kind of stuff that would drive even the most stable McMansion dweller to guzzle some white wine and start a fight at an outdoor cocktail party.

First, the most horrible of the episode’s horrors: the notion of being trapped in a car for 21 hours while driving through the literal middle of nowhere with Noted Nutcase Vicki Gunvalson, two small children who still need to use the bathroom constantly in spite of a complete lack of bathrooms in the desert, and a post-surgical bacterial infection that has left you in incredible pain and is potentially threatening the use of one of your legs. That’s the nightmare situation in which poor, sweet, real-life decent human Brianna found herself for most of the episode, and if you wanted to pick a good word to describe how it felt, you wouldn’t go wrong with “harrowing.”

Brianna was leaving Oklahoma nominally because she wanted to come back to Southern California to see different doctors, but probably also (and maybe even mostly) because her mother is lonely and needy and Brianna felt guilty for trying to be a real human being far away from reality TV when she didn’t technicallyhave to be. It meant leaving her husband halfway across the country to settle his retirement from the Marines and sell the house before joining her, but Brianna has proved to be nothing short of an incredible daughter in the ten years we’ve been following her, even if her dedication to Vicki is often to her own detriment and occasionally requires her kid to take a dump on the side of the road.

Brianna ended up in the emergency room at the end of the trip, and when she got out, she still had antibiotic delivery systems poking out of her and a bum arm, in addition to the bum leg. Despite Brianna being more or less doubled over in various sorts of discomfort and unable to fully use half her limbs, Vicki then left her at home with two small kids and no help and went to the office. After all, tacky McMansions for every member of the family don’t buy themselves.

In fact, much of the rest of the episode was also concerned with the creation and acquisition of homes. Heather, having completely run out of other luxury goods on which to spend money, went to the Fancy Outdoor Appliance Store to demand a pizza oven which she would neither operate nor enjoy, as well as the largest, stainless steel-est grill available, because who knows what her personal chef might need in order to assemble her daily bowl of arugula and quinoa? Those are details for someone else to work out, someone who gets paid an hourly wage to operate machines that create fire and then, eventually, grilled chicken breasts. (Who knows what happens in the middle.) Heather was just there to take inventory of her new stuff and write the check, a skill at which she is long-practiced and quite adept. She then turned her attentions to the acquisition of hexagonal ice cubes, which are for sure a thing that someone invented with the express intent of draining some extra money out of rich people. Shannon, for her part, is also in want of a new house, but who knows when that or anything else about her will turn into an interesting storyline.

We discussed Meghan’s renovations last week, so this week, we were treated to her confronting her worst phobia in the world, by herself in her cavernous bathroom, on home video, jabbing a needle in the only morsel of fat on her entire body while chanting about the baby she wants to have with her husband’s preserved sperm. Just making it through that sentence gave me a thousand-yard stare.

Tamra already has a house and some babies, so instead of procreation or renovation, she set out building both her body and her relationship with Jesus. Luckily for her, she’s found what strikes me as a particularly Southern Californian combination: a woman named Mia, who is both personal trainer and Christian spiritual adviser. (See? I promised this episode was full of little horrors.) Although, I have to admit: Tamra is never going to be sane, just like the rest of the people on this show, but she seems a lot less like a little blonde powder keg than she did before she found both Jesus and her abs.

Vicki should say a woohoo prayer for that and thank her lucky stars, because when it came time to have the episode’s requisite Emotional Non-Apology For Totally Not Lying About Helping My Boyfriend Fake a Cancer Diagnosis, this week’s was given to Tamra while at Kelly’s otherwise-inoffensive beach party. (Kelly may be getting the villain edit this season, but as I believe we’ll establish next week, she has far and away the best taste in home decor of the group. Why do the others love brocade so much?) Perhaps because of the long, close relationship between the two (a relationship that I’m wiling to bet is largely genuine at this point), Vicki got a little bit closer to admitting that maybe she did indeed screw up, although maybe not in exactly the way her fellow Housewives think she did. But first she mentioned casseroles again, as if she wanted to subconsciously remind us that she is completely nuts. (Casseroles are definitely a horror in most cases.)

What Vicki finally said, though, is that she might have gone wrong by being unable or unwilling to see what the rest of them saw. She didn’t seem to realize or understand that she had hit on something important, but it’s a notion that, if expanded and explored and made into narrative, might just be the only way for her to gain forgiveness from the other women without admitting she knew Brooks was lying about having cancer, if she indeed did. (I still think she knew, for what it’s worth, but I tend to assume longtime reality TV stars are pretty craven.) When that explanation–that Vicki was overcome with the kind of desperate love that makes you ignore your concerned friends and lie on behalf of your boyfriend, because desperate love does not allow for the possibility that your partner is lying to you–was introduced, Tamra softened immediately. Vicki had bumbled her way into the key to the whole thing, even if only because she had already tried all the other keys on the ring.

It’s anyone’s guess to see if Vicki even knows what came out of her mouth that caused the change in Tamra’s attitude toward her, but if she can find it and hold on to it, she might be able to mend fences with her cast mates. Well, all of them except Shannon; she still needs her beef with Vicki because it gives her something to talk about other than her husband’s affair and the fact that her family needs to move into a smaller house. The episode ended with a literal “to be continued…” though, so the producers seem thirsty to ensure us that there will be even more drama next week. And isn’t there always?

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Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipsticks for Fall 2016

Fashion Trends

The Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips lipsticks for fall 2016 are the latest additions in the beauty industry in terms of tempting lip colors that let you channel Kim K., Cindy Crawford or Nicole Kidman, just to name a few. Inspired by some of the most iconic style icons and mesmerizing women in the world, the makeup line features 16 exclusive HOTlipsticks you can already purchase from Charlotte Tilbury’s official websiteNet-a-PorterNordstrom and Bergdorf Goodman.

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipsticks for Fall 2016

The celebrity favorite makeup artist knows the power of a great lipstick color, calling it “happiness in a tube”. To develop iconic colors that will match every skin tone and personality, Tilbury teamed up with 16 of the most inspiring celebrity women of the modern world for an incredible charity – Women for Women International. £1 from each lipstick sold during the first two months will be donated to the charitable organization to help women affected by war and conflict.

Why lipstick, you may ask? “Lipstick is that thing that pulls you together, makes you feel like a woman – it gives you confidence and makes you feel powerful. That’s why I’ve called on all of my friends, these beautiful and inspirational women, to help me spread this message as much as we can,” Tilbury explained.

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipsticks for Fall 2016

Formulated with an antioxidant from Lipstick Tree, special waxes and light-diffusing pigments, the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips lipsticks not only provide an amazing color payoff with a single application, but also care for your lips. What’s more, in this range you have every color that’s trending in the makeup world now, from the perfect nude to petal pink and true red.

Tilbury, who has worked with almost every star that comes to your mind, borrowed the “beauty DNA” of these 16 celebrities to create special colors that would perfectly embody their style and spirit, while also appealing to our senses. While Kidman’s color is ideal for women with pale skin tones, Emily’s coral red is here to add an enviable vintage, Seventies vibe to your look. Kate, Victoria, Penelope and Kim inspired nude shades are the ultimate go-to lipsticks, if you want to embrace a timeless modern beauty look with hints of retro allure.

Below are all the colors you get in the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips fall 2016 lipstick collection:

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick 

• Hot Emily – bright coral inspired by Emily Ratajkowski
• Penelope Pink – nude pink inspired by Penelope Cruz
• Nude Kate – biscuit-beige inspired by Kate Moss
• Liv It Up – velvet rosebud inspired by Liv Tyler
• Kim K.W. – vintage, pale pink nude inspired by Kim Kardashian West that makes lips look fuller

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipsticks for Fall 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick 

• Miranda May – fresh, pinky coral with a matte finish inspired by Miranda Kerr
• Sexy Sienna – golden coral inspired by Sienna Miller
• Very Victoria – suede, taupe nude inspired by Victoria Beckham
• Bosworth’s Beauty – 1950s retro pink inspired by Kate Bosworth
• Hel’s Bells – rich magenta mulberry inspired by Helena Bonham Carter
• Carina’s Love – siren red inspired by Chinese actress Carina Lau
• Secret Salma – deep-rose plum inspired by Salma Hayek
• Super Cindy – taupe nude inspired by Cindy Crawford
• Kidman’s Kiss – rose petal-pink inspired by Nicole Kidman
• Electric Poppy – cerise cherry inspired by Poppy Delevingne
• Tell Laura – geranium red inspired by Laura Bailey

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipsticks for Fall 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipsticks for Fall 2016

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